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"A miracle is embedded in our soul from birth,  
a language that is clearer than words. The art of movement and dance allows us to understand the deep yearnings that we cannot express otherwise. And although the nights around Christmas will be silent, we will dance and hug those we love and those who need our love. It is more important than ever for every woman and every man to stand together through the cold and stormy times to come. We hope our Circus Wonderlend 2021 project gives you some inspiration and joy!"


Have a Merry Christmas 2021!


Konzept: Adi Lozancic und Stefan Leitner

Kamera und Schnitt: Peter Kerschhackel

Sound: Jann Doll

Make Up: Andrea Malessardi

Fashion: Iva Ivanova

Hairdesign: Daniel Lugmair

Schmuck: Elise Pierer

Location: Studio Hell

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